You have the right to return your order, entire or partial, without being having to reason for your return of the order within 14 days from the date of receipt, in which case you are only subjected to shipment fees for the return of the order. In case where your reason for return of the products received are due to a mistake on our part (the company), we are obliged to cover the shipping fees for the products, but only if the shipping is done through our partner, Speedex.

To be able to return the order, you are obliged to send an email to with your order and all data associated with it in order to identify your person and order. You are obliged to send the product in the condition in which you received, meaning: The product has not been opened, labels have not been removed from the product and the product has not been used.

In case of a product return, regardless of the medium you chose to pay for your order, and regardless of the way the shipping of the product is sent back, the payment of your order will be returned within 14 days from the date in which we receive the products back. In case where the return is due to a company mistake, Youngsters is obliged to send a transport company to the billing address to receive the product without compensation from the returnee. In case where the return is not due to a company mistake, you are obliged to pay for the shipping of the product to the company. Youngsters receives the products within 1-2 workdays from the day you sent the order when sent through Speedex. In case it was sent through a postal service (e.g. ELTA), we cannot accept your return. After receiving the products, we will process your request and inform you via e-mail for the method in which you are reimbursed for the return. After the product has been returned and the return has been approved by the company, the client will be reimbursed their total through a deposit in the bank account that has been filled in the “Order return form” which must accompany the order that it is associated with.

In case you wish to return products that you have purchased, the address in which the product must be sent to is:

Spyrou Spyridi 32
382 21, Volos
24213 07224

The company is obliged to give the right to replace a product in case the product is deemed defective. In case the consumer wants to replace a product, he is required to follow one of these two methods:

  • Return the item to the company through a shipping company (courier) and create a new order. In this case, the item’s transport fees are covered by the returnee.
  • Visit the Youngsters store in Volos and replace the product there, with no additional charge.

If the return reason is due to a company mistake, Youngsters is obliged to pay the shipping fees. After returning an item, the client is reimbursed through a deposit in the bank account that is filled in the “Order Return Form” which must accompany the order that it is associated with.

To return a product or products, you must:

  • Return the product in its original packaging in the same condition in which it was received, with the receipt or invoice accompanying it.
  • The return of the product must be performed within the range of 14 days, starting from the day it was received.

Apart from your rights mentioned above, the buyer, in case the item is not as described, has all the rights provided by the law regarding the purchase, as well as his consumer rights.

All of the products returned to Youngsters are subjected to a quality control.

When receiving an order, it is best to check carefully the condition in which the product is in and the condition of the packaging, in order for us to identify any possible defects. In case a defect is identified during a quaity control on a returned product, the company is obliged to contact the consumer to resolve the issue, and retains the right not to accept a replacement or return of the product.

In case you choose to return products that you have purchased, you are required to contact a representative of the electronic store.